And Just Like That…It’s Done!

I guess that complaining about the sleeves taking forever spurred me on to sit down and actually concentrate on finishing them.  After all, they’re only sleeves.  And plain ones at that!

IMG_20150128_155349_clr_smOnce that happened…well, they were done.  After one Knit Night I was halfway finished, then at the end of the second Knit Night they were off the needles and I was giddily trying on the completed sweater.  Whew!  Isn’t it amazing how much knitting you can get accomplished when you put your mind to it?

IMG_20150128_155306_clr_smAfter a short session to weave in all those pesky yarn ends, it went into a soapy bath and then into the dryer.  This yarn is famous for “growing” to super scary proportions when wet.  The trip through a slightly warm dryer makes it all better and returned the sweater to human dimensions.  Specifically – my dimensions.

Folks, this sweater fits great!  I think I have yet another favorite cozy sweater for the rotation.  Yay!  Bonus is that I can wear it immediately.  The fabric is amazingly soft and springy, hugging in all the right places without being the least bit clingy.  I only made a few modifications – lengthening the body and shortening the sleeves – but otherwise it was knit as written.

IMG_20150128_155239_clr_trm_smI went out on a limb with the color this time.  Those who know me well will notice that it’s not my standard neutral, nor is is blue (my other go-to color).  But I’m really liking it in this pattern.  And I think I’m going to enjoy wearing this particular shade of purple just as much as the neutrals.

With that, I think my purple knitting phase is complete.  Three purple projects in a row is enough, don’t you think?

For the knitters:


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