Spring Pi – Round 2

Remember the spring-themed half pi shawl?  The one I just had to design and cast on immediately?  The one I talked about in this post?

Yep.  That one.  It’s still going!  I took a slight detour to finish a lace sweater.  More on that later.

The second section is all knit up.  This is the one inspired by the first buds of spring, coaxed to life by the gentle rains and warmer weather found in the first section.  It will stretch a bit more when it’s off the needles and blocked out properly, but you get the idea.

IMG_20150602_121446_ro_clr_trm_smAnd there in the corners is a little peek at the third section.  These shorter rows go quickly, and I’m still knitting along while the inspiration is hot.  It’s June already and this shawl project needs to make way for fall sweater projects!

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