Doily Rug

The last time we saw the doily rug adventures, the project was languishing in the middle doldrums that sometimes plague us.  Oh, who am I kidding?  It didn’t have a deadline or an outside recipient – read: it is for me, and just for fun – so it was tossed aside as soon as something more interesting came along.

IMG_20141028_125600_clr_smAnd then a light round of finishitis struck.  You know the kind.  You look at the pile of projects in the WIP (work in progress) basket and pull out a few that you think can reasonably be completed in the short space of time that the current round of finishitis will allow.  I was over halfway through the doily pattern, and at this scale the rows are fairly quick – even if they are growing in length.  It was deemed a worthy candidate for completion.

Queue up the podcasts and TV series, fluff the pillows in my chosen comfy spot, dig out the stash of (more and more) balls of project yarn, settle in and get to crocheting.

Which is exactly what I did.  At some point I had to move to the floor, then to a large blanket in the shade of my apple tree in the yard.  The rug is much heavier than an afghan (unless you live in a frozen tundra, then your blankets may necessarily be bulky) so it quickly outgrew my lap.

But now it’s finished!  Well, excepting that it needs a bath after being hauled all over creation during the making of it.  I’m waiting for a cool day to toss it in the washer/dryer so it won’t heat up the house unnecessarily.

Here it is, in it’s unwashed curly-edged state, in the front entry hall where it will live once bath time is done.

IMG_20150811_121558_clr_smThe sizing turned out perfect.  I thought I might need to stop it before I reached the last round, for fear that it would end up too large for the space.  But after spot checking the size a few times, I kept going to the end of the pattern.  It should even out in the bath, but not grow in size.

IMG_20150811_121605_clr_smWhat do you think?  I’ve seen them in crazy colors, but I kind of like the creamy white.  It reminds me of the doily that was my inspiration.

For the knitters/crocheters:

  • Pattern: Peacock Pride by Patricia Kristoffersen, found in Leisure Arts #2879
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Solids, colorway #99 Fisherman
  • Ravelry Project Page: here
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