Girls’ Craft Day

One of the best things about this being a very small world is that sometimes elements of your life reconnect in a new way.  I met one of my long-time girlfriends, Katrina, in Memphis when we were working together at the same architecture firm.  Years passed and we both moved away, but we always made a point to keep in touch via email.  Weddings happened, houses purchased, babies born, jobs changed, lives started over, 11 or so years passed.

My recent move to the Seattle area brought us back together again.  Such a happy side-benefit!  We’re still retraining our brains to think of each other as living right around the corner instead of halfway across the country.  It’s an ongoing effort.

This Saturday Katrina got a group of girlfriends together for a Girls’ Craft Day to make personalized jewelry.  She provided materials, inspirational links, and the patience to teach us how to create our ideas.  I spent several hours in the company of some excellent women and came out with this necklace.

The birthstones are for my son (August – peridot), my fiance (December – turquoise), and myself (June – pearl).  I also made an initial pendant that I can put on later once I also gain a ‘G’ name (hint: after the wedding).

She coached us through the wirework for each pendant and the resin work for the initial / photo pendants.  It’s not professional grade work by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m happy with it.  It’s mine and I made it.  And I had the best time I’ve had in a long time in the company of complete strangers.

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