Whirlwind of Activity

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth.  The last month has been a crazy ride.  Quite frankly, I’m exhausted…and maybe fighting off some sinus yuck.

Here’s the scoop to catch you up to the present:

  • I knitted a pair of nearly knee-high thicker weight socks for snowboarding, hiking in cooler weather, etc.  I worked them toe-up and just kept on going until the yarn ran out, which is why they ended up nearly knee-high.  I’m extremely excited about how they’ve turned out.  My feet were perfectly happy wearing them on my last snowboarding outing (no blisters, yay!) and they are keeping my toes warm in my lighter boots, since the weather has decided it’s not quite spring here yet.  No pics yet, since I can’t remember to stop for a photo shoot once I pull them out of the dryer.
  • After several rounds of interviews, I finally landed a job!  This is the biggest reason behind the blog silence, since I was deep in prep work for interviews and then getting back into the work-life groove for the past three weeks.  Now I have an hour-long commute tacked onto the beginning and end of those work hours.  Even though I’m taking public transit, I’m still exhausted when I get home and too tired to do anything but fall down and kick off my shoes.  I love my new job, and the company and team are fabulous, but I do really miss being able to walk to the office.  I’ll get used to it eventually.  🙂
  • Taking the bus has given me mandatory reading/knitting/crocheting time twice a day.  I’m super excited about this too.  My crochet project (The Dress) has gotten too big to work on the bus, and I’m not letting myself work on anything else, so I’ve been reading.  When I unpacked the boxes from the move I discovered that I had a backlog of unread books, so there will be no shortage of choices for a while.
  • And then there is The Dress.  If you’ve been keeping up, you know the one I mean.  I found an unembellished, light blue, strapless, a-line dress a couple of weeks ago, so now I have a base for the lace overdress.  The shaping I had done thus far matched perfectly, so I didn’t have to backtrack or adjust anything.  Whew!  With being so tired after work I haven’t been crocheting on it as much as I would like, but I’m still on track to meet my target deadline date.  Between the Wednesday knit group, the Friday knit group, and weekends I’ve been able to keep making good progress.  The lace is now knee-length.  However, a new question has come up: will the temperature at 7,000′ even in late July be too cool to go sleeveless?  Should I add sleeves once I’m done with the skirt?  I’ll let my brain ponder that one for a bit and make a decision later.
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