There’s a term in the knitting community for starting a bunch of projects all at once that may or may not get completed.  It’s called startitis.  And it’s a real problem for some people.  You may know it as “oooh shiny!” in the regular world.  Something catches your fancy and suddenly there’s the overwhelming need to drop everything and start that new project or buy that new thing.

In the knitting world there’s an opposite term, that is (understandably) used more rarely, for finishing a bunch of projects all at once.  It’s called finishitis.  And I had it in a bad way a few weeks ago.  The overwhelming need to finish up several of my projects to clear the slate for new ones.

You can imagine that it was a very happy moment when this round of finishitis was over and startitis was allowed to set in.  But that’s getting ahead of things.

In one week I completed:

A second honeycomb cowl, this one for myself.  Technically I started this project the same week, but we won’t count that.  It was a very fast knit, aided by a week of vacation and a very long plane flight.  It is just the thing to go with my grey plaid rain jacket and has been keeping me perfectly cozy for the past several weeks.  I can’t say enough how much I am in love with this cowl.
My blue socks.  These are wonderfully soft, squishy, and warm.  They’ve become a new wardrobe staple, whether they are being shown off or hidden within my boots.  Must make more.
A dishcloth that had been taking up space in the project bowl for entirely too many weeks.  Get it out of the way already!

And then, just as fast as it set in, finishitis was over.  Ahhhh!

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