Almost as soon as finishitis was over, startitis set in.  (You knew that was coming, right?)

I went stash-diving and pulled out a second family-gifted skein of sock yarn.

Which I then cast on for these socks.

That’s a super simple K2, P1 rib there.  Doesn’t it look fancy?  I know, simple.  But that also means it’s commuter knitting worthy.  And since I’ve also been lucky enough to catch uncrowded buses lately, they’re trucking right along.

Then I dug around in the stash again and came out with this.

This is a discontinued thick-and-thin yarn that I stashed ages ago, and which I also happen to have 11 balls of.  Sweater worthy stash size.  So I frogged (also known to you non-knitters as ripping out) a sweater I had cast on all those years ago and started over.  My gauge has changed considerably.  For the better.

Here’s how it looks so far.

Yes, to the untrained eye that looks like a lump of nothing.  To the rest of us that’s the bottom third of the sweater from the hemline advancing toward the underarm.  It is also a plain project and therefore a quick knit while watching TV dramas or interesting movies or engaging in particularly interesting knit night discussions.  Take your pick.

Did that manage to sate this particular round of startitis, you may ask?

Not really.  I still have a hunger to cast on for a lightweight cardigan that is oh-so-handy for summers in the Northwest.  I’m still hunting for the perfect yarn that won’t break the bank, and thinking that this might be the project to try my hand at recycling yarn.  Stay tuned.

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