New Strands

Y’all know that I’ve got my fingers into a lot of crafty things, and that I’ve been trying new ones lately too.  So it should come as no surprise that I’ve been experimenting with some new items in the Tangled Strands Etsy shop lately.  What’s that – a shop?  Yep, there’s a shop.  I’ve been quietly adding some ready-made items there.  I still do the bulk of my work (read: stuff that’s not for myself) as custom orders, but the items listed in the shop are more in the reproducible realm.

What’s new?

Lately I’ve branched out to add a line of beaded stitch markers.  These are snag-free, because there’s nothing worse than a stitch marker that snags on your expensive yarn.  Here’s a sample selection:

IMG_3035_clr_sm IMG_3065_clr_sm IMG_3003_clr_trm_sm IMG_2947_clr_sm IMG_3216_clr_sm IMG_3121_clr_sm IMG_3283_clr_sm IMG_3234_clr_sm

I specifically sourced beads that are higher quality, and am currently leaning toward the semiprecious stones.  The markers come in two sizes to accommodate smaller and larger needles, and are weighted appropriately for each knitting gauge.  There are a lot of really cute novelty beads out there, but that’s not how I’m feeling at the moment.  I like that these are more similar to beautiful jewelry.  They make your knitting feel even more special!

I am also adding a collection of reversible drawstring bags.  These are technically multipurpose, but you know I was thinking of the knitters and crocheters here too.  Use them for sock or scarf projects, spindle spinning projects, or to stash random stuff so it doesn’t rattle around in your purse or backpack.

IMG_3479_clr_trm_sm IMG_3483_clr_trm_sm

IMG_3514_clr_trm_sm IMG_3521_clr_trm_sm

IMG_3527_clr_trm_sm IMG_3533_clr_trm_sm

The bottoms sit nice and flat, so the bag won’t flop over every time you draw out a length of working yarn.  And the bags are truly reversible, so you can switch the fabric pattern to match your mood.  So far, the fabric couplings have gone like this: one in the “pretty” category, and the other in the “whimsical” category.  I like how the pretty/whimsical pairings are turning out, so the line will likely keep heading in that direction.

Take a look around the shop.  I will be adding more listings as I source new materials and get the items made up.  Everything listed in the shop at this time is already made, so they’re ready to ship in time for gift-giving.

What’s on your Holiday gifting list?

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