We interrupt the knitting…

We interrupt the regular knitting programming to bring you another installment in the upholstery adventures.  Gifty knitting and crochet work is in full swing now (only 30 days left!) so there’s not much I can show you in that category.

This upholstery adventure comes to you via Mom.  Somehow (fuzzy memory?) I inherited Mom’s slipper chair that lived in her bedroom as a girl.  I don’t know when it came to her, but I do know that at some point my grandfather reupholstered it to the green tapestry fabric shown here.

IMG_20141013_135114_clr_trm_smMy beloved Sadie cat unfortunately thought it made a nice scratching post, so the fabric was looking a little too well-loved on one side.  The seat was also feeling a bit lumpy and not too comfy.  However, it’s an awesome chair to sit in while spinning.  Now that I kind of know what I’m doing, it is time to tackle this upholstery project.

IMG_20141013_145053_clr_smWhen I pulled off the outer seat fabric, I found this cracked floral fabric (vinyl?) over the seat padding.  Maybe the previous upholstery?

IMG_20141013_150447_clr_smAnd this would be why the seat has gotten lumpy and uncomfortable.  The twine holding the springs in place has fallen down on the job and let the springs topple over.  The springs will need to be stabilized as the first step toward building the chair up again.

IMG_20141013_150643_clr_smI stripped the chair down to the frame, but left the webbing/spring assembly and the burlap layer on the back.  Those look to be in relatively good shape.  I will shore up the webbing next, then stabilize the springs to the frame so they sit nicely again.  At that point the chair will be ready for new padding and fabric!

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