Sunny Days are for Exploring

Who says that it rains all the time in Seattle?  Hint: Seattleites do; it’s how we keep the rest of you from coming up here and crowding the place.

We’ve had a rare run of really gorgeous weather lately, so I decided to take advantage of it and go exploring.  Puget Sound is full of lovely islands with picturesque villages accessible by ferry.  I have a fondness for Whidbey Island, with its abundance of fiber producing farms.  To get there, I took a ferry from Mukilteo – which is really the focus of this post.  There is a good sized waterfront park with an historic working lighthouse near the ferry terminal at Mukilteo that gave me the best views that day.

IMG_20150303_092916_smAs the locals say, “the mountains were out,” including Mount Baker – one of the volcanoes to the north of the city, shown here in it’s glacier covered glory rising above the surrounding mountains.  It’s a happy day when we can see the nearby peaks.

IMG_20150303_093001_trm_smIt was warm enough to stand out on the deck of the ferry to snap some photos.  This lighthouse has two keeper’s houses – one for the Keeper and a separate one for the Assistant Keeper.

When I returned from my visit to the island, I was able to take a closer look.

IMG_20150303_113437_clr_smIMG_20150303_113413_clr_trm_smIMG_20150303_113552_clr_smIMG_20150303_114050_clr_smOut front at the gate to the grounds, there is a beautiful tree with brilliant red bark on the newer branches.  Very striking against the blue sky, don’t you think?

IMG_20150303_114432_clr_smIMG_20150303_114451_smNext time this park would be a perfect spot for a picnic.

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