Catching Up

Yikes, it’s been a few weeks since I last posted.  You’d think I went on vacation.   Wait…I did!  And I’ve been playing catch up ever since.

Spring has been going full tilt here in the Pacific Northwest since the beginning of March.  Here are some pics of our flowery loveliness to keep you busy until I can pull together a more involved post.

fleur_clr_trmNote my non-brown thumb in action: these bulbs had been sitting in a bag in my garage for years before I finally decided to expend the energy to pot them up.  This is their second bloom.  Still haven’t managed to kill them with neglect.  Take that, Husband of Doubting!

IMG_20150304_142450_smThere’s a whole row of these blooming trees in the green space across the street.  I get to see this show every time I step outside.

IMG_20150324_124801_clrThe beautiful specimen in my friend’s back garden, with the evergreens all around as a backdrop.  Just lovely.

Got blooms?

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