Goating Around

It’s spring shearing season again, my friends.  And that means a trip out to visit the goats, alpacas, and other critters at our friends’ fiber farm.  I don’t have any shearing photos to share with you this time.  (You can see pics from my last shearing adventure here and here.)  We were all business, with a good dose of giggles thrown in for good measure.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get any photos while I was there.  Enjoy!

Here is Tom Turkey, getting his flirt on.


The alpaca welcoming committee was lined up for introductions.  These guys are super curious and friendly.


“Can I get a smooch?”  All about the kisses, this guy.


A few of our goat friends gathered around for a closer look.  They weren’t quite sure whether I was standing there to pet them or to trick one of them into getting a hair cut.  (Petting was appreciated, hair cuts were not.)  At the time, I was just there for pets.  Once they figured that out, my legs became goat scratching posts – they love to rub their foreheads on any available surface.


Back at home, the apple trees have decided it’s warm enough for blossoms.


Do you think we’re going to have a few apples this year?


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