Cabled Pools Shawl

I must have brought the sun back with me from vacation.  It has been sunny and warm so many days in the last few weeks that we’re beginning to think summer has arrived early.  We know that can’t be true – summer doesn’t really start here until Independence Day, and Mother Nature can throw whole months of cloudy/cold/damp weather at us anytime she wants until then.


Which is why I’m still knitting cozy warm things.  Like this cabled shawl, using a lovely jewel-toned teal blue wool.  A color which also makes it hard to photograph, because I am most definitely not a photographer.  (Maybe I should take a class?)  At least the sunny weather cooperated for a photo shoot.

IMG_20160401_115554_clr_trm_smI like the adjusted spacing of the cabled motifs.  I am also very happy with the shaping and the curve at the neckline.  All of that ripping out was absolutely worth it.  (See?  I’m not so crazy after all.)

IMG_20160401_115913_clr_trm_smThe swatching for the transition to the deep ribbing section was also worth it.  I love how the whole thing turned out.  The shawl is a medium thickness for warmth without being heavy, and the deep ribbing gives the bottom edge just enough weight to make the shawl drape beautifully over the shoulders.

I have made copious notes so I can duplicate my work.  This shawl design is one I created for my Etsy shop, so I’ll be creating a knit-to-order listing shortly.  Maybe later I’ll cave in to my knit friends asking, “you’re going to publish that pattern, right?”

Meanwhile, this shawl needs a name.  Cabled Pools seems kind of blah.  Any ideas?

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