Summertime Wanderings

July is typically our month for summer vacation.  This year we are mixing things up – a few of the same adventures in the area mingled with several new adventures.  Here are some of the scenes from our summer fun so far.

We took in a baseball game – the St. Louis Cardinals visiting the Seattle Mariners.  We received a few sideways glances throughout the game.  I’m not sure if they were objecting to my knitting through the innings, or us cheering for the Cardinals.

IMG_20160626_155955_smWe rode the Great Wheel again.  That morning was overcast, but you can see in the photo that the clouds were starting to burn off.  Typical Seattle summer day.  We ended up with spectacularly sunny skies for our afternoon.

IMG_20160629_135709_clr_smWe explored the Olympic Sculpture Park, on the north end of downtown.  This was a new adventure, and very much enjoyed.  By this point, my feet were feeling a little tired.  I tried to skip a few of the smaller sculptures, but was admonished by Son for doing so.  I didn’t know he liked art that much!  Maybe I should insert a visit to the art museum in a future adventure.

IMG_20160629_152320_clr_sm IMG_20160629_153014_smWe also made a visit to see the construction site of a new sculptural building.  To marvel at the amount of structural and architectural engineering work that went into the design, of course.  The steel is bent and shaped into fabulous forms, with the glass pinned to the steel and floating above it.  I love watching the progress on this building.

IMG_20160629_162258_smIn the garden, we’ve had regular twice-daily visits from the little lady in the photo below.  She nibbles on greenery here and there, with preference for the dandelion leaves and a few fallen green apples.  At the moment we have no shortage of either one.

IMG_20160706_200734_clr_trm_smThe veggies (protected from the local wildlife in their metal planter-boxes) are doing well.  I’ve got a healthy crop of red onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and basil.  I’m trying out green beans this year, with my two tiny bushes producing a nice handful of beans.  I also finally got around to picking up some asparagus roots and finding a permanent space for those.  (The same roots will produce for many years.)  Two of the three roots have sent up shoots, so that’s a win as well.

The clouds have burned off again, and it’s time to get outside for the daily dose of adventure.  You go outside and play too!

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